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Inspection of Coated Doors with EasyInspect & EasyMeasure

Dr. Schenk offers AOI for industrially produced, coated doors

Row of coated, red doors

Modern production processes require reliable AOI

The increase in automation in the production process of coated doors calls for fast and reliable inspection solutions. EasyInspect and EasyMeasure are ideally suited to take on the task of inspecting these doors after the coating process and prior to shipment.

They can help to identify and divert doors that show defects, such as unpainted areas and spots, glossy spots, dull spots, scratches, pollution spots, etc. These can then either be repaired or, if the defects are too severe, recycled.

AOI with Dr. Schenk EasyInspect and EasyMeasure EasyInspect offers the following main benefits:

  • Better quality - through reduced waste and higher quality
    of final products
  • Better cost efficiency - save money by replacing time-consuming manual quality control
  • Higher profit - save time with a fully automated production and packaging line and increase your production throughout

For more information please see the brochure or contact our sales team.

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