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Dr. Schenk has made its debut at glasstec 2006 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with great success. The new flat glass inspection system GlassInspect from Dr. Schenk, having been introduced to the glass industry in spring 2006, attracted...[mehr]

Being one of the long term participants in the annual Replication Expo held in autumn in China, Dr. Schenk again presented its latest optical disc inspection and measurement products at this year´s exhibition in Shanghai. The...[mehr]

Blu-ray Discs (BD) release is just around the corner. Reliable inspection of local defects, which can cause playability issues, has become a major topic of discussion among replicators. The spatial data density of BDs is much...[mehr]

Dr. Schenk introduces the new flat glass inspection system GlassInspect to the Architectural and Automotive glass manufacturers. This turnkey vision system is the superior technical solution for reliable quality control at...[mehr]

DVD±R is getting more and more common as a storage medium. Even though they have high storage capacity, recording speeds, until recently, only reached up to 8x and even less for dual layer, demanding lots of patience from users....[mehr]

Does Pollux inspect both the glass and chrome side of the reticle at the same time, or does the reticle have to be flipped? The reticle is placed horizontally on the loading stage with the chrome side facing downwards. The...[mehr]

Dr. Schenk offers a comprehensive and unique testing solution for the new DVDR DL format. The Dual Layer DVD recordable technology implicates several tighter specifications, compared to those for single layer DVDR. Of course, it...[mehr]