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The new company headquarters in Graefeling, Germany

Dr. Schenk continues to grow and expand[mehr]

3-Day AOI training course at Dr. Schenk in Germany

Become an inspection expert with Dr. Schenk![mehr]

Dr. Schenk trade show booth

Come and see us at these events in 2019![mehr]

Ultra-fast Dr. Schenk TDI cameras as used in the Clean4Yield project

Dr. Schenk is one of the 15 partners in this prestigious project[mehr]

Battery film

德国申克博士公司 (DR. SCHENK) EASYINSPECT设备为深圳市 星源材质科技股份有限公司锂电池隔膜制造提供了可靠保障[mehr]

Dr. Schenk’s Sirius Light Technology delivers more light to the material surface than other inspection systems. More light reveals more defects in greater detail. [mehr]

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wrinkles in film

Dr. Schenk's "Multiplex Technology" is the basis for MIDA - Multiple Image Defect Analysis. One...[mehr]