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New Company Headquarters in Graefelfing

Dr. Schenk continues to grow and expand

The new company headquarters in Graefelfing, Germany

The new company headquarters in Graefelfing, Germany

Dr. Schenk GmbH is proud to announce the opening of its new company headquarters in Graefelfing, Germany.  After 19 months of construction the modern atrium building is now the new administrative center of Dr. Schenk in Germany.

The building features almost 6,000 square meters for 100 employees who completed the move from the Martinsried facility to Graefelfing at the end of October 2018. Given the company’s continued success with inspection solutions for markets such as display glass, plastic films, metals and paper it became apparent that the available space needed to be aligned with the growing number of employees: in January 2019 almost 250 people will be working for Dr. Schenk in Germany.

The new Headquarters are located on the same street as some other key sites of the Dr. Schenk company, including production facilities and goods receiving and shipping, thus facilitating close cooperation to the benefit of both employees and the customers of Dr. Schenk GmbH.

The Martinsried facility will remain in addition to the new company headquarters, allowing for future growth while offering modern facilities for training and research & development.

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