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Detect Coating Defects & Irritating Discolorations in Low-E Glass with a Single System?

Dr. Schenk offers QA solutions the Low-E glass market has been waiting for...


QA Solutions, The Low-E Glass Market Has Been Waiting For...

Dr. Schenk, provider of inspection and metrology products for the glass industry offers enhanced and dedicated solutions for Low-E coated glass that cure the most sensitive quality issues for these high-end architectural products. Low emissivity (Low-E) coatings are used in window glass to stop heat radiation. Manufacturers of these products face a growing pressure to deliver panels with perfect functionality and flawless cosmetic appearance. Local defects in coating layers can not only reduce the panel functionality: Voids, crazing defects and pinholes can also distract the view through the panel, which is even more critical for this architectural applications. Dr. Schenk's GlassInspect solutions are geared to the special quality needs of Low-E glass. They detect defect types typical for this application with an enhanced reliability and precision.

Innovative GlassMeasure options locate coating thickness variations and monitor parameters to guarantee a stable production process. Low-E glass manufacturers might face costly after-sales issue if panels of a complete building front show an inhomogene color appearance. With the brand new and unmatched Color Space Measurement, this problem can now be cured by evaluating the tristimulus values from L*a*b* color space coordinates (CIELAB).

To learn more about inspection, measurement and monitoring solutions for Low-E glass, please contact us.

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