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Shenzhen Senior Technology Chooses Dr. Schenk as Partner

德国申克博士公司 (DR. SCHENK) EASYINSPECT设备为深圳市 星源材质科技股份有限公司锂电池隔膜制造提供了可靠保障

Battery film

Inspection of battery film ensures the product quality meets highest safety standards and helps optimize prodution.

  • Senior applies innovative solutions throughout the company
  • Process development ensures optimum product quality and efficient production
  • Partnership with Dr. Schenk logical move to cement innovative production strategy  

Shenzhen Senior Technology Materials Co. Ltd, an innovative manufacturer of battery separator films in Shenzhen, P.R. China, has recently purchased another EasyInspect inspection and measurement solution from Dr. Schenk GmbH, Germany, which will extend the application range on Senior’s production line.


德国申克博士公司  (DR. SCHENK) EASYINSPECT设备为深圳市 星源材质科技股份有限公司锂电池隔膜制造提供了可靠保障

  • 星源材质引入新的生产管理方案
  • 投入研发确保产品质量及生产效率
  • 与申克博士形成伙伴关系强化生产管控策略

近期,位于中国深圳的锂电池隔膜制造商—深圳市星源材质科技股份有限公司再次购进德国申克博士公司另一批EasyInspect  监察及测量设备,扩大了该设备在星源材质生产线上的使用范围。

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