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Blu-Ray Competence: Quality Assurance & Process Control

Dr. Schenk, known as the inspection pioneer for the optical media industry, continues to set standards also for the generation III of high definition formats. Blu-ray disc replicators and manufacturers rely on the quality assurance and process control systems that have "precision in focus".

The perfect synergy between technical innovation, more than 3 decades of experience in optical design, close relation and collaboration with major developers of the new media format as well as a solid and growing organization builds the basis for Dr. Schenk's Blu-ray competence and business success.

Instead of just an upgrade of a standard DVD scanner, a completely new optical set-up, including high-speed electronics, has been developed to fulfill the special needs of BD inspection. The unique optical design of the In-Line scanner ISM.blue+ and the Off-Line system PROmeteus MT-200.blue enables a reliable inspection and process control that meet the strict quality standards of Blu-ray disc production at an optimized yield.



ISM.blue+ - The Inline Scanner for Blu-ray Discs

Key Features at a Glance

  • Absolutely stable systems based on embedded LINUXTM
  • Easy integration into replication and manufacturing lines
  • 100 per cent coating topography within split seconds
  • Advanced defect classification specific to Blu-ray discs
  • Precise identification of core and deflecting size of a defect
  • Userfriendly and industry suitable visualization software ISM.viz
  • High speed data processing



PROmeteus MT-200.blue - Off-Line Solution with Focus on Physical Property Measurement

  • Industry and research standard for an easy comparison of test results
  • Blu-ray discs analysis with blue-laser according to BD specifications
  • Stable operation based on embedded LINUXTM
  • Unreached spot accuracy for most precise layer thickness measurement, crucial especially at Blu-ray layer edges
  • Very high scanning frequency to guarantee superior spatial resolution
  • User interface according to SEMI standard
  • Fully network-compatible with customer data bases
  • Tests blue and red formats in only one system

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