Mastering and Stamper Making

Dr. Schenk test and inspection systems set the standard for the mastering process. Dr. Schenk's experience with testing of glass blanks, coated blanks, metallized glass masters and stampers is unsurpassed. For inspection after polishing, photoresist coating, etching, metallizing and punching, Dr. Schenk offers the right solution.

Dr. Schenk Test and Inspection Systems for Stamper and Glass Master


High Resolution Stamper and Glass Master Scanner

Continuous quality check of new and used masters and stampers for all optical disc formats. Automatic optical inspection is superior compared to visual or microscopic inspection. Mastering departments using the VCC.ism-L+ improved their yields by 5%.



Diffraction Order Measurement
Glass masters, stampers, and discs are measured for diffraction efficiency, and photo resist layer thickness. Pythagoras provides fast feedback for mastering; it supports optimization of the electroforming process for stampers, or ensures the replication quality in the molding process. Pythagoras is a powerful tool to control mastering parameters like photoresist thickness, laser power, and development time.