Haze Monitoring

In order to increase the efficiency of thin film solar panels, specific layers of the panels receive a surface structure. Especially important to the TCO layer of a-Si PV modules, this layer roughness or haze will increase the light trapping effect. Manufacturers are aiming to keep this effect constant and at an optimized level throughout the production run in order to guarantee highest panel efficiency.

Dr. Schenk's Haze or Light Trapping Monitoring option has been developed in order to check the layer structure of incoming TCO coated glass delivered by the glass supplier as well as solar glass after the coating step at the fab. As soon as process deviations occur, the system reports a variation in the panels's haze intensity and operators can react fast to adjust production parameters.

Haze - monitoring of the light trapping effect

Using the same optical set-up as for Dr. Schenk's SolarInspect system, the Haze Monitoring option is a perfect enhancement for quality and process control.

  • Using same hardware set-up as defect analysis
  • Haze monitoring and inspection run parallel
  • Enhanced technology processes optical signals
  • Real time 2D visualization map

For in-line spot tests or for use in off-line situations Dr. Schenk offers an alternative sensor for absolute measurement of haze intensity at a given panel position.