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Crystalline (Sheet) Solar Module Inspection

Reliable Quality Assurance & Process Control Throughout Solar Module Production

Crystalline (sheet) solar module inspection
Crystalline (sheet) solar module inspection

The Dr. Schenk SolarInspect series is designed to fulfill the special requirements throughout the production of crystalline solar modules. These turnkey vision systems offer reliable quality control throughout the running production process. In addition, continuous monitoring of the production process allows timely corrective action to be taken when process deviations appear.

Instead of bare glass patterned glass substrates are used in the production of crystalline solar modules. Patterned glass increases the amount of incoming sunlight. The surface structure as used for glass substrates of silicon solar modules inclines to create similar or even stronger optical signals in the vision system then the actual inspected defect.

Dr. Schenk has developed and manufactured SolarInspect, a system specialized to precisely distinguish between glass structure and defects covering 100 percent of the material surface including the edges.

By applying an innovative optical set-up the Dr. Schenk inspection system can clearly identify the glass defects and differentiate them from the glass structure.

Solar inspection inclusion defect
Inclusion defect
Solar inspection pinhole defect
Pinhole defect

Reliable Inspection of

  • Incoming Bare Glass
  • Incoming Patterned Glass
  • Coated Glass, e.g. AR
  • Layer Deposition
  • Finished Modules
Homogeneity map layer inspection

Detection of

  • Sheet Glass Defects, e.g. Bubbles, Inclusions, Scratches
  • Dimensions
  • Edge defects
  • Layer defects, homogeneity and thickness of AR-coated glass

Glass Defect Images

With conventional
inspection system
With inspection system
for patterned glass

Bubble round

Bubble round

Glass chip at solar panel edge

Glass chip at panel edge

Glass chip at solar panel edge

Glass chip at panel edge

SolarInspect - Exceptional Features

  • Innovative and modular optical setup - low cost of ownership
  • Turnkey vision systems optimized for specific process step needs
  • Customized solution for all types and sizes of solar modules
  • Repeatable detection and classification
  • User-friendly quality and analyzing tools for production control and process analysis
  • Easy integration into new and existing lines
  • Industry-proven design
SolarInspect software

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