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In-Line and Off-Line Test & Measurement


  (1.3 MB)

Blu-ray Competence

Quality Assurance & Process Control
for Blu-ray Discs (ROM, R, RE)

  (352 KB)   

ISM - In-Line Scanner
Quality Assurance & Process Control for All Optical Disc Formats

     (701 KB) 

ISM.blue+ for all Blu-ray Media Formats

Quality Assurance & Process Control with the In-Line Scanner ISM.blue+

  (187 KB) PROmeteus:
Comprehensive Measurement & Test Systems for Physical Properties of Optical Discs
  (773 KB)


PROmeteus MT-200.blue
Measurement for the Physical Properties of Blu-ray Discs

  (305 KB) VCC.ism-L+
Quality Control of Stampers and Masters
  (582 KB) Pythagoras:
Checks Glass Masters, Stampers and Discs
  (97 KB)

Deviation Analyzer
for DVD and DVD Half-Discs

  (321 KB) Off-Line Spindle Handling System



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