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Consulting Services

Since the foundation in 1985, Dr. Schenk has gathered in-depth experience in the integration of automatic inline inspection solutions. Our customers can rely on us for questions such as:

  • What do I need to watch out for when I introduce an automatic inspection solution as opposed to manual inspection?
  • How do I manage an inspection project?
  • How do I avoid typical mistakes and integrate the inspection system into my own workflow?
  • How do I achieve the maximum benefit from an automatic inspection solution?
Consulting Services

Dr. Schenk offers:

  • Analysis of the customer production process & opportunities for inspection
  • Making the switch from manual to automatic inspection
  • Integration of inspection solutions into existing production lines
  • Transferring existing quality requirements into a maintenance-free, automatic inspection

At Dr. Schenk, innovation continues to meet the industries’ needs. Engineers of the research and development team work on inspection solutions for manufacturing processes that pave the way towards the future. Our R&D team always is a step ahead, offering our customers a decisive edge over their competitors. At the same time, the practicability of our solutions and the easy integration into our customers‘ production lines remains the focus of all R&D activities.

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