Laminated Glass Inspection

Dr. Schenk's GlassInspect for laminated glass inspection detects defects and irregularities that occur within the lamination layer(s) and on the glass substrates  during the production of e.g. automotive and architectural glass with protective features.

GlassMeasure continuously examines 100% of the glass surface to monitor overall physical properties such as coating thickness  and homogeneity, color variation, haze or surface topology.

Although glass panels for laminated products are already inspected in the float glass production line,  for high end applications the single panels are checked again before bonding  together.  Imperfect glass sheets can be rejected from the line  before the costly laminating process starts.

GlassInspect for laminated glass inspection is used for local defect detection, including:

  • Bubble defect detection
  • Particle defect detection
  • Edge crack defect detection
  • Laminated fault defect detection
  • Misalignment of edge detection
  • Scratch defect detection
  • Lamination defect detection
  • Hairline crack defect detection

Typical Laminated Glass Applications

Dr. Schenk’s solutions for laminated glass inspection are used in multiple applications and markets. Typical tasks for GlassInspect and GlassMeasure include:

  • Windscreen glass inspection
  • Bullet-proof glass inspection
  • Fire protection glass inspection
Laminated glass inspection

GlassInspect & GlassMeasure for laminated glass inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.

Hairline crack defect
Bubble defects
Lamination defect
Lamination scratch defect