Trend-Setting Innovations

Composite Material Inspection

EasyInspect for composite material inspection is a complete solution for the detection of defects in carbon and glass fiber materials for highly demanding applications. It examines 100% of the composite material surface for local defects. 

EasyMeasure continuously monitors the complete material width for variations in  material homogeneity, grammage and mechanical stability.

Typical defects in composite material production include:

  • Gaps / outstanding fibers in rovings and tows
  • Contaminations, e.g. particles, foreign fibers
  • Missing / wrong stitches
  • Fuzz balls
  • Irregular fiber distribution (thick / thin spots, holes / gaps)
  • Missing / broken threads
  • Streaks
  • Wrinkles
Composite material: carbon fiber

EasyInspect for composite material inspection uses  MIDA, ABI (Adaptive Background Illumination) and Virtual X-Ray technology to deliver optimum inspection results. The background illumination intensity can be adapted to different materials for perfect optical compensation of material noise. Combined with Virtual X-Ray, an illumination with ultra-high light intensity and high-power LEDs, this is especially effective for detection and classification of e.g. small foreign material inclusions.

Example: needle in multi-directional composite non-crimp fabric

As seen in transmission bright-field
...and with Dr. Schenk Virtual X-Ray

Example: weaving irregularity in carbon non-crimp weave

Indistinguishable with conventional optical configuration
...and with Dr. Schenk reflection dark-field

EasyInspect and EasyMeasure for composite materials inspection can be used for many applications, such as

  • Rovings, tows
  • Carbon fiber / glass fiber mats
  • Carbon / glass non-crimp fabrics (uni- and multidirectional)
  • Carbon / glass fiber textiles
  • Prepregs
Fibers protruding from material edge
Missing stitch
Thread on material