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Customized Solutions

Customized solutions, e.g. LabInspect
Customized solutions, e.g. LabInspect

Dr. Schenk offers extensive from-lab-to-fab knowledge for customized solutions. Customers benefit from our expertise in the translation of lab applications to large scale productions.

Dr. Schenk is always at the forefront of research and development, developing customized solutions for individual customers from the first design specification to the introduction to the commercial market.

Our unique organizational structure and technological advantage lets us develop tailor-made, high-tech solutions for each inspection task, and then seamlessly transfer the development result into an economic, scalable mass production, propagating the solution to each location of the customer worldwide.

Short implementation cycles and local support guarantee a smooth and professional introduction of your inspection solution during all stages.

Some examples of customized solutions include:

LabInspect for Glass and Roll Material Samples:

Dr. Schenk’s LabInspect was specifically developed for offline or random testing of material samples like glass sheets or roll materials. The compact inspection solution features both  Dr. Schenk’s MIDA (Multiple Image Defect Analysis) and SLT (Sirius Light Technology) concepts. LabInspect is ideally suited for quick quality checks of all kinds of materials for a variety of different applications.


  • Quality- & process control for all steps in mobile display production
  • Print-, coating-, and assembly control
  • Final inspection of smart phones, i-books, tablet-PCs
Customized solution - Pollux Particle Detection
Customized solution - Pollux Particle Detection


  • Particle Detection for Lithographic Photomasks
  • Inspection of glass and pellicle side of reticles for particles, defects, holes

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