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Material Handling Solutions

Material handling solutions
Material handling solutions

Dr. Schenk integrated handling and inspection solutions provide customers who want their handling and inspection from one supplier with the optimum solution - without loss of time or money through different providers.

Dr. Schenk offers:

  • High-quality electronic and optical equipment for first-class material inspection
  • Advanced and easy-to-use software including automatic classification, reporting and an SQL database
  • Transport and handling systems for all materials (glass, film, plastic and other sheet materials), sizes (from smartphone size up to Gen 10) and requirements
  • Excellent support for inspection and handling components

Dr. Schenk can deliver every type of inspection system that requires handling: We design and build standalone solutions where inspection and handling form a contained and independent system, like particle counters, edge inspection systems and the LabInspect offline testing stations.


Vertical material handling solution

Dr. Schenk also builds inspection and handling systems that are integrated into customer production lines, where they interface perfectly with the upstream and downstream processes of the production line. The profound experience of Dr. Schenk with optical inspection systems guarantees that our handling components are of maximum quality, maximum efficiency and maximum benefit for our customers.

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