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Release Liner, Label and Tape Inspection

EasyInspect for release liner, label, and tape inspection detects defects and irregularities during each stage of of the production of release liner, label stock and tape materials, especially in the adhesive and silicone layers. 

Typical material inspection tasks for primary product labels, point-of-sale labels, functional or security labels include:

  • Base label material (gels, burnt spots, orange peel, scratches, streaks, foldings, inclusions...)
  • Silicone coating on release liners (missing coating, silicone voids, particles...)
  • Release liner base (inclusions, variations in structure...)
  • Adhesive film (uncoated areas, coating streaks, drying marks, bubbles...)
  • Finished label stock (lamination defects, paper folds, bubbles...)
Release liner, label and tape inspection

For some applications strict legal requirements exist for the information printed on labels to be legible without fail. The printing quality depends largely on the quality of the involved base material. Optical inspection systems are used to ensure label stock quality.

Separating a release liner from a label can also present a challenge when the silicone layers of the release liner were not evenly applied. Putting automated in-line control system in place to inspect and measure the silicone coating process can help to detect irregularities and maintain continuous label stock quality.

Examples of typical coating applications and EasyInspect/EasyMeasure tasks:

  • Release liner inspection
  • Label material for pharmaceutical applications inspection
  • Label material for food products inspection

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for glass fabrics and prepreg material inspection use the unique MIDA Technology that helps manufacturers to combine the detection of defects with material monitoring. This is very important for the production of high-quality electronic components such as printed circuit boards (rigid and flexible) as well as for many other technologically advanced industries.

Coating void defect
Coating void defect
Flow mark defect
Folding defect
Running defect map