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Flexible Packaging Film Inspection

EasyInspect for flexible packaging film inspection is the most comprehensive inspection solution for all types of flexible packaging. Small local defects are detected just as reliably as overall material property variations and corona treatment. EasyMeasure continuously monitors the overall physical properties of the blown film.

EasyInspect for flexible packaging film inspection is used for local defect detection, e.g. for:  

  • Gels / fish-eye defect detection
  • Pin hole defect detection
  • Scratch defect detection
  • Insect defect detection
  • Die-line defect detection
  • Streak defect detection
  • Wrinkle defect detection
  • Air bubble defect detection
Flexible packaging film inspection

Typical tasks for EasyInspect and EasyMeasure for flexible packaging film inspection include:

EasyMeasure monitors 100% of the material surface to control the coating homogeneity of e.g. water-based coatings on stretched film, the layers of metallized film, or the glue distribution of laminated film, and the transparency of BOPET/ BOPP film after stretching. It generates a homogeneity map of layer properties, i.e. coating regularity, surface structure, reflectance, and transparency, for the full width of the film. This allows identifying irregularities both in the base film and processed films, like metallized films and laminated films.

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for flexible packaging film inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology to view defects simultaneously in different channels, from different perspectives with one single scan line and camera line. For this type of advanced and versatile inspection, powerful illumination is necessary - introducing the Dr. Schenk Sirius Light Technology (SLT) with ultra-bright, longtime stable, and uniform LEDs.

Dent defect
Die lines / bubbles defect
Particle defect
Rain shower defect