Advanced Machine Vision Solutions for Quality Control

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Vision with Tradition

With over 30 years of experience in surface inspection Dr. Schenk offers high-tech vision solutions specialized for the web industry.

Measuring Technique:

Highly precise measurement of optical, and mechanical properties, like geometry, surface flatness, deformation, or layer thickness.

Optical Laboratory:

 Development of advanced optical setup and illumination modules, well adapted to customer needs.

Camera Systems:

Advanced image processing based on ultra high sensitive cameras and sophisticated illumination.

Laser Scanner:

Highest defect sensitivity with bright-field and dark-field illumination, applied either as stand-alone system, or in combination with cameras.

Mechanical Integration:

Optimally adjusted and highly flexible design, based on far-reaching experience, ranging from clean rooms to rough industrial environments.

Ergonomic Software:

User-friendly interface according to SEMI standards; reliable and accurate defect classification; networking for further evaluation.