Trend-Setting Innovations

Paper Inspection

Valmet IQ Web Inspection System - developed in collaboration with Dr. Schenk

The collaboration between Dr. Schenk and Valmet is a showcase of excellent synergy by smartly combining the know-how and experience from the world's leading inspection system provider with a world-class paper process specialist.

After having delivered a total of 450 Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision systems globally, this new product is an important step toward even higher precision in quality control. Valmet continues to support the existing installed base and offers a seamless upgrade path. The advantages offered by the new features can be integrated into existing systems through upgrades.

Valmet paper inspection - powered by Dr. Schenk

IQ web inspection system functions:

  • Defect detection with unique lighting technology
  • Integration to WMS for finding the origins of quality problems
  • Real-time defect map with defect viewer
  • Defect classification
  • Periodical defect analysis linked to machine component lengths
  • Defect trend and profile
  • Formation analysis
  • Reel and defect reports
  • Trim planning tools to optimize customer roll quality
  • Automatic target stop control for re-reelers and winders
Valmet paper inspection - powered by Dr. Schenk

Valmet IQ Web Inspection System for paper inspection uses Dr. Schenk's groundbreaking MIDA Technology that offers paper manufacturers extensive tools for the analysis and quality rating of the paper by providing an immediate identification of sheets that do not meet the quality criteria.