Trend-Setting Innovations

Blown Film Inspection

EasyInspect for blown film inspection detects even smallest defects that can occur during the manufacturing process. EasyMeasure monitors the uniformity of the properties of the end product. The combination with EasyInspect for blown film inspection ensures product quality while also optimizing the blown film manufacturing process with just one system.

This technology helps blown film manufacturers and converters combine defect detection with material monitoring. Thus, for the very first time, EasyMeasure allows evaluation of product quality using defect-free material.

EasyInspect for blown film is used for local defect detection, e.g. for:

  • Gels / fish eye detection
  • Air bubble detection
  • Die-line detection
  • Weld-line detection
  • MD scratch detection
  • Carbon speck detection
  • Insect detection
  • Tear detection
  • Melt fracture detection
  • Wrinkle detection (MD and diagonal)

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for blown film inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology to inspect blown film base and converted materials with multiple optical channels on a single scan line. One defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.

Die lines
Running Defect Map
Defect density map

Typical blown film applications and EasyInspect/EasyMeasure tasks include:

  • Base material inspection for converted products
  • Agricultural film inspection
  • Bags inspection
  • Barrier film inspection
  • Laminated film inspection
  • Packaging film inspection, food wrapping inspection

EasyMeasure continuously monitors the overall physical properties of the blown film. For example clarity and haze monitor the non-homogeneous mixture of the granulate with the master batch;gloss and reflectance control surface distortions like applesauce, orange peel and shark caused by bad resin, die lip issues or melt fracture among others.

Blown film inspection steps