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2024 Course Dates

Dr. Schenk GmbH - Martinsried Facility - Einsteinstr. 37, 82152 Planegg
  • Winter training course - in German
    23 - 25 January (week 04/2024)
  • Summer training course I - in German
    02 - 04 July (week 27/2024)
  • Spring training course I - in German
    12 - 14 March (week 11/2024)
  • Summer training course II - in English
    30 July - 01 August (week 31/2024)
  • Spring training course II - in English
    19 - 21 March (week 12/2024)
  • Summer training course III - in German
    10 - 12 September (week 37/2024)
  • Spring training course III - in German
    14 - 16 May (week 20/2024)
  • Fall training course I - in German
    12 - 14 November (week 46/2024)
  • Fall training course II - in English
    26 - 28 November (week 48/2024)

At Dr. Schenk Germany the 3-day training courses are typically held in English or German. 

Dr. Schenk Inspection Systems (Kunshan), No. 181, Tongqiu Rd, Zhangpu Township, Kunshan City 215321, Jiangsu Province
  • Spring training course
     9- 11 April (week 15/2024)
  • Fall training course
    24 - 26 September (week 39/2024)
  • Summer training course
    25 - 27 June (week 26/2024)
  • Winter training course
    17 - 19 December (week 51/2024)

At Dr. Schenk Kunshan the 3-day training course language is Chinese.

Dr. Schenk ASEAN Business Unit, 2 Soi Rom Klao 5/2, Bangkok 10520, Thailand
  • Winter training course
    16 -19 January (week 03/2024)
  • Fall training course
    3 - 5 September (week 36/2024)


At Dr. Schenk Thailand the 3-day training course language is English.

Please contact Dr. Schenk Thailand for the next group training.

Dr. Schenk of America LLC, 1830 Wooddale Drive Suite 500, Woodbury, MN 55125, USA
  • Spring training course
     14- 16 May (week 20/2024)
  • Fall training II course
    19 - 21 November (week 47/2024)
  • Fall training I course
    24 - 26 September (week 39/2024)

At Dr. Schenk of America LLC the 3-day training course language is English.

Become an Inspection Expert in 3 Days

Dr. Schenk offers 3-day training courses for operators, production engineers and quality managers to become experienced inspection experts. 

 >>course description<<

With every training course, participants receive free access to Dr. Schenk's Inspection Academy - the online platform for modular training presentations and high-quality training videos. Prepare effectively ahead opf time and deepen your knowledge after the face-to-face training.

Our experienced team of trainers looks forward to meeting you!

Group training at Dr. Schenk

At our facilities in Martinsried (Germany), Kunshan (China) and Bangkok (Thailand) we train small groups of eight to ten (maximum) participants using our demo systems. The practice-oriented training prepares participants optimally for their jobs using the Dr. Schenk inspection solution:

  • Practical exercises on our demo systems
  • Training content adapted to customer needs
  • Project-specific discussion round

Individual expert training

To help you specialize even further in your specific system, we offer a 3-day expert training course at your facility.
Under the guidance of our trainers, you will optimize your system hands-on and acquire the necessary theoretical expertise at the same time. This prepares you optimally for all future necessary adjustments to your system.

  • Optimization of your inspection parameters
  • Free choice of participants and focus topics
  • Consulting for future products on your system


Dr. Schenk Blended Learning Concept

Our blended learning training concept consists of three parts. Each part builds on the previous part to provide you with an optimal training experience. While the e-learning phases at the beginning and end encourage self-study to prepare and follow up, the presence part forms the core of our training concept during which active discussion, engagement and live demonstrations between and from all participants add a highly interactive level to your training.