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Display and Touch Panel Inspection

Dr. Schenk offers precise and reliable optical inspection and glass measurement solutions for all kinds of display and touch panel manufacturing technologies. Touch panels and display cover glass must meet the requirements of crystal clear images, withstand every day application and allow smooth touch screen use.

GlassInspect inspects 100% of the glass surface for local defects and GlassMeasure monitors large area material variations, e.g. homogeneity of coating layer thickness during all steps of touch panel and display glass production.

    • Cover glass inspection (e.g. bare / decorated / printed / coated glass)
    • Touch sensor inspection (e.g. one-glass-solutions OGS)
    • Cell inspection
    • Liquid crystal module inspection

    The glass can be inspected at each and every step during the manufacturing process offering comprehensive quality and process control.

    Dr. Schenk's solutions offer in-line inspection of all glass types involved in the making and processing of various kinds and sizes of displays. For example, they are used in mobile display inspection (smart phones, tablet-PCs and e-readers), touch-sensitive display glass inspection for all kinds of touch panels, e.g. OGS, TOL, etc.

    GlassInspect & GlassMeasure for cover glass and touch panel inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.



    Scratch defect
    Knot line
    Inclusion defect
    Printing defect
    Logo Defect
    Crazing defect
    Printing Edge Defect
    Chip defect
    Stone defect

    Display and Touch Panel Inspection - Dr. Schenk Solutions at a Glance

    Inspection of Gen6 glass panes
    Inspection of Gen6 glass panes

    GlassInspect for Gen6 (Mother Glass)

    • Application: inspection of Gen6 glasses
    • Typical defects: surface defects
    Inspection of Q-Panels
    Inspection of Q-panels

    GlassInspect for Q-Panel

    • Application: inspection of Q-panels for cover glass
    • Typical defects: surface defects, edge defects
    Inspection of bare glass
    Inspection of bare glass

    GlassInspect for Bare Glass

    • Application: bare cover glass inspection
    • Typical defects: surface defects, edge defects
    Inspection of printed glass
    Inspection of printed glass

    GlassInspect for Printed Glass

    • Application: printed cover glass inspection
    • Typical defects: surface defects, printing defects, edge defects
    Inspection of OGS
    Inspection of OGS

    GlassInspect for OGS (One Glass Solution)
    and TOL (Touch on Lens)

    • Application: touch sensor inspection
    • Typical defects: surface defects
    • Available for sensor on lens, touch on lens
    Inspection of glass edge (OGS)
    Inspection of glass edge (OGS)

    EdgeInspect for OGS

    • Application: bare & printed cover glass, touch-sensor inspection
    • Typical defects: edge defects, grinding defects
    Inspection of LCM
    Inspection of LCM

    GlassInspect for LCM (Liquid Crystal Module)

    • Application: LCM inspection
    • Typical defects: surface defects, lamination defects
    Inspection of frames


    • Application: inspection of glass frames and mobile display device housings
    • Typical defects: surface defects

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