Trend-Setting Innovations

Fuel Cell Inspection

EasyInspect for fuel cell inspection and redox flow battery inspection is a reliable in-line inspection solution for the complete production process of fuel cell components. It is used to inspect e.g.:

  • Membranes (PEM)
  • Gas diffusion layers (GDL)
  • Electrodes and catalytic coated membranes (CCM)
  • Membrane electrode assemblies (MEA)
  • Bipolar plates (BPP: metal, graphite, composite)
  • ... and many more!

EasyInspect reliably detects smallest defects on product surfaces, for example:

  • Pin holes, wrinkles, cracks, contaminations
  • Coating issues, such as thin spots, droplets, agglomerations, drying defects, particles
  • ... and many more!

EasyMeasure simultaneously monitors porosity and coating thickness and measures alignments and dimensions.