Bare Glass and Coated Glass Particle Inspection

Dr. Schenk ParticleInspect for glass is designed for highspeed particle detection of bare glass and coated glass with layer films like ITO, GIN, Cu, A-Si and Mo. It is avialable as a stand-alone version for offline laboratory applications and as an integrated inline production system.

Dr. Schenk ParticleInspect provides high-resolution scanning for smallest particles, such as:

  • dust
  • hair
  • fibers
  • adhered glass chips

This ensures that sources of contamination on glass sheets can be identified and addressed quickly before large production losses occur.

ParticleInspect can differentiate clearly between A-side and B-side particles, an exclusive benefit of the Dr. Schenk inspection. The modular system design enables delivery of complete AOI solutions either as stand-alone components or as customized modules for easy integration into existing production lines.

Bare Glass and Coated Glass Particle Inspection
Particles 0.3 µm
Particles 1.0 µm
Particles 3.0 µm
Particles 5.0 µm