Trend-Setting Innovations

Battery Inspection

EasyInspect for battery inspection is a reliable in-line inspection and measurement solution that detects defects and irregularities in battery materials. It is used mainly for 

  • Battery separator base film inspection after extrusion, after stretching and after coating
  • Electrode inspection (Al and Cu)
  • Electrode coating inspection (before and after calendering)
  • Aluminum pouch pack foil inspection
  • .... and many more!

EasyInspect for battery inspection reliably detects smallest defects in product surfaces, for example:

  • Pin hole defect detection
  • Particle defect detection
  • Coating issues, such as thin spots, debris, droplets
  • Gel - oil stains
  • Inclusion defect detection
  • Fold defect detection
  • Streak defect detection
  • Die mark defect detection
  • ... and many more!

EasyMeasure simultaneously monitors porosity, material thickness, coating thickness and measures e.g. top and bottom coating alignment, dimensions of notches and sheets.

Perform three tasks with a single system

EasyInspect & EasyMeasure for battery inspection use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology . This allows the simultaneous

  • detection of smallest local defects
  • measurement with highest accuracy
  • monitoring of material properties, such as prorosity and homogeneity

The result is comprehensive inspection of the material at all production stages and optimal perspectives for each defect at all times.

Oil stain defect (reflection)
Oil stain defect (transmission)
Pinhole defect (reflection)
Particles (conventional illumination)
Particles (conventional illumination)
Particles (Dr. Schenk illumination)
Particles (Dr. Schenk illumination)
Battery material monitoring (FFT)
Battery material monitoring (FFT)